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MEK1300 – Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

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Pressure, stress, equations of motion, mass conservation, energy equation and impulse equation. Friction free flow, Bernoulli's equation, potential flow. Vorticity equation, Kelvin's theorem. Thermodynamic state equation. Waves in compressible fluids (sound waves, shock waves). Gravity waves (surface waves, internal waves) in incompressible fluids.

Learning outcome

To give an introduction to the basic laws and principles used to describe equilibrium and motions of fluids. The course provides a necessary basis for further studies in mechanics and in subjects where a knowledge of fluid mechanics is important, e.g. meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, and some branches of physics.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

In addition to fulfilling the minimum requirements for entrance to higher education in Norway, you must either have 2MX/2MY/3MZ and 3MX/3FY/3KJ/3BI/(2KJ+3BT)/(2BI+3BT) from Norwegian upper secondary school, or have completed equivalent studies in mathematics as well as physics, or chemistry, or biology at upper secondary school or university level at another educational institution. Read more about fulfilling special requirements.

Recommended previous knowledge

FYS-MEK1110 – Mechanics, MEK1100 – Vector Calculus, MAT1100 – Calculus, MAT1110 – Calculus and Linear Algebra, MAT1120 – Linear Algebra and MAT-INF1100 – Modelling and Computations.

Overlapping courses

9 credits with ME120.

*The information about overlaps is not complete. Contact the department for more information if necessary.


4 hours of lectures and 2 hours of exercises/colloquia per week. The exercises are mainly based on independent work from the students. The students must hand in compulsory assignments.


Two compulsory assignments have to be handed in and approved. Final mark based on written examination at the end of the semester. Letter grading (A-F).

Rules for compulsory assignments at the Department of Mathematics (norwegian only)

Examination support material

Rottmann's formula list + approved calculator.

Language of examination

Subjects taught in English will only offer the exam paper in English.

You may write your examination paper in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English.

Explanations and appeals

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Note that the first lecture is compulsory.

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NB! The course was offered for the last time spring 2006. From spring 2007 it is called MEK2300 – Fluid Mechanics (discontinued). For the time being MEK2300 – Fluid Mechanics (discontinued) and MEK1300 overlap 10 credits.


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