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The course focuses on different glycoconjugates in the body, such as glycolipids, glycoproteins and proteoglycans. One major focus will be on the connection between structure and function. The glycoconjugates in the body have a series of important functions in relation to regulation of inflammatory reactions, filtering in the kidneys, wound healing, development of atherosclerosis etc. One part of the course will be on the relationship between glycobiology and diet related diseases such as diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Learning outcome

The course will provide insight into the structure and biological functions of

In the course papers from front line research will be used to address:

Regulation of the synthesis of glycoconjugates
Turnover and degradation of glycoconjugates
Glycoconjugates and intracellular signaling systems
How diabetic hyperglycemia changes these processes and contributes in pathogenesis
The molecular biological basis for how glycoconjugates affect atherogenesis
Glycoconjugates and joint diseases
Glycoconjugates and lysosomal storage diseases
Glycoconjugates and Alzheimer’s disease


Ph.D. candidates and students at the Medical Student Research Programme will get first priority to the course.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Master degree or equivalent in human biology, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, nutrition

Recommended previous knowledge

Master degree or equivalent in molecular biology, signal transduction


The teaching includes lectures, group work, student presentations, discussions and home assignments.

NB! You have to participate in at least 80 % of the teaching to be allowed to take the exam. Attendance at lectures will be registered.


To pass exam:

Two paper presentations

One written task (5 pages) also to be presented orally

One final exam task (minimum 10 pages) to be evaluated by external sensor

Grading: pass/fail.

Explanations and appeals


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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It is currently not decided when this course will be offered again

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