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The course presents analyses of economic, social and political aspects of development processes in the South, with emphasis on the linkages between local context and international forces of change. Three major themes are taken up; in Contemporary debates the content of the concept of development are focused upon; in the Globalisation debate views range from globalization seen as the solution of development problems of the South through their closer integration into the world economy, to the same processes seen as evidence of imperialism. Finally, a selection of Classics texts that have shaped contemporary development geography is discussed, linking contemporary debates closely to tradition.

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The objective of the course is to provide the students with a thorough theoretical understanding of global inequality and mass poverty. A major aim is the improvement of the students' ability to discuss and carefully present many different perspectives in the development debates. Furthermore, enabling the students to distinguish between mainstream and “smallstream” paradigms and their theoretical “roots” is a major goal.


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Recommended previous knowledge

5 semesters of the FAM program.

This course is based on the following courses: SGO2500 – North/South - development and SGO3400 – Utviklingsgeografi (discontinued). These courses are not prerequisites.

Overlapping courses

The subject replaces Uviklingsgeografi (SGO 315) in the old system.


The teaching consists of lectures, seminars and reading groups. The course is designed for both Norwegian students and students on exchange programmes or bilateral agreements. All teaching will be given in English.


A final 6-hour written examination . In addition you will write an essay that you must pass before you may take the written examination. You may choose whether you write the essay and take the examination in Norwegian or in English. This must be done when the student registers for the examination.

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Every autumn

There will be no teaching in SGO4015 after autumn 2004. SGO4015 will be replaced by SGO4501 – Development (continued) and SGO4502 – Development Theory Course 2 (discontinued) starting from the autumn semester 2005.


Every autumn

There will be exams in SGO4015 autumn 2005 and spring 2006. This is the last time there will be an exam in this course. The exam can be taken by students who have already taken part in the teaching activities in this course.

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