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The PhD seminar is a series of 14 seminars over two years. There are two types of seminars: One has a thematic part as an introduction to discussion and experience sharing among the participants (1 hour) and a workshop section (30 minutes). The other is a workshop (2-3 papers, 1-1,5 hours). In the workshop sessions the participants will present their work and receive feedback from the other seminar participants. You will all be opponents on other participants papers.


Learning outcome

The PhDseminar is intended provide you with:

  • insight into practical skills needed as a researcher
  • tools to secure progression in your PhD work, stimulate the writing process and tools for handling of media communication
  • knowledge of criteria that form the basis of peer review of papers and assessment of project applications 
  • tools to reflect around your own practice as a researcher, supervisor, communicator and affiliate of academic networks
  • tools for assessing peer presentations and for giving constructive feedback

Overlapping courses

1 credits overlap with STV9100C


Seminars and workshops.

date time venue tema
Spring 2016
13/4 11.15-13.15 830


  • Øyvind Bugge Solheim: "Terrorism and trust", comments by: Jonas Nordkvelle
  • Paper by Joakim Ulstein, comments by: Andreas Hvidsten
25/5 11.15-13.00 830


  • Å søke om prosjektmidler, Geir Hønneland


  • Jonas Nordkvelle: "Does reduced livelihood increase the willingness to use violence? A village level natural Experiment", comments by: Haakon Gjerløw

Ordstyrer: Olav Schram Stokke


date time venue tema
Autumn 2016
14/9 11.15-13.00 -


Prosjektledelse og selvledelse, Elin Allern


  • Presentasjon av ett paper

Ordstyrer: Jostein Askim

12/10 11.15-13.00 -


  • Presentasjon av to-tre paper

Ordstyrer: Robert Huseby

9/11 11.15-13.00 -


Om publisering, Carl Henrik Knutsen og Åse Gornitzka


  • Presentasjon av ett paper

Ordstyrer: Robert Huseby


To pass the course you are expected to:

  • participate in 10 seminars during your PhD periode
  • present paper once during your PhD periode
  • take the role as first opponent once during your PhD periode

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