STV9352 – Democracy and social democratic development in the Global South

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This course engages in three basic discussions in the study of politics and development. The first question is under what conditions democracy of various standards is possible in developing countries. The course provides an historical review of theories and actual outcomes, with special emphasis on the character and problems of the third wave of democratisation. The second question is about the causes for current stagnation of democracy. Main attention is drawn to the roots of depoliticisation, poor governance and elitist representation. To overcome these challenges, the research behind the course suggests that more social democratic oriented development is needed. Hence, the third question is whether and how this would be possible. A number of historical and current experiences are interrogated in the largest democracies of India, Indonesia, Brazil and South Africa but also in Burma and Scandinavia. The results are fundamental for local priorities but also within international cooperation.


The course is open to doctoral and M.Phil. students in political science and related disciplines whose research interest relate to the topic of the course. This course is partially overlapping with the master's course STV4352B.

There is no participation fee, but the cost of travel and accommodation, if needed, must be covered by the participants. Applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application as quickly as possible after the deadline.

PhD candidates from ISV: Apply for the course in StudentWeb
PhD candidates from UiO: contact Guro Schmidt Øvregard for registration in Studentweb
Other PhD candidates: Application form

All candidates must submit a short letter of motivation with their application (not for candidates from ISV).

Master's students: Please follow the guidelines for STV4352B

Application deadline: 15 March 2017


Time: 2 - 6 May 2017
Venue: Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

Main lecturer: Professor Olle Törnquist, University of Oslo

Visiting lecturers include Professors Benedicte Bull, Kristian Stokke and Liv Törres.

Literature and preparations

Participants are expected to have read the compulsory literature in advance and are expected to give a brief presentation of their work during the seminar. Note that specific research interests among the participants may be taken into account in the course if information has been given in time to the main lecturer, Olle Törnquist.


The course will give participants ten (10) ECTS credit points. Course examination will rely on a Course Essay, discussed in an internet forum in early June and on the participation of the students in the seminar discussions taking place during the course. PhD students are evaluated on pass/fail.

Submission deadline for draft papers: to be announced
Submission deadline of revised papers: to be announced

Active participation in seminar discussions is required.

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Spring 2017

2 - 6 May


Essay (5000 - 10000 words)

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