Pensumliste TIK4001- Modul 1 (Olav Wicken)

Books :

Fagerberg, Jan: Oxford Handbook of Innovation Studies (paperback), 2005.

Mokyr, Joel : The Lever of Riches: Technological Creativity and Economic Progress. , 1994. Oxford: Oxford University Press (paperback) .

Mokyr, Joel: The Gifts of of Athena. Origins of the Knowledge Economy, 2004. Princeton University Press. (paperback) .

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Reinertsen, H. & K. Asdal : Fra naturfredning til klimakamp. Norges Naturvernforbund 1914-2014., 2009. Senter for teknologi, innovasjon og kultur (TIK), Rapport 1. Universitetet i Oslo.. Tilgjengelig online.


Articles in compendium modul 1

McClellan, James (2003) : “Scientific Institutions and the Organization of Science.” The Cambridge History of Science ,Vol 4 , s. 87-107.

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Articles available online

Naubahar, Sharif (2006), “Emergence and development of the National Innovation Systems concept”, Research Policy vol 35, pp. 745-766 (Available in Fronter)

Keith Smith and Lynn Mytelka (2002), “Policy learning and innovation theory: an interactive and co-evolving process, Research Policy, pp 1467-1479 (Available in Fronter)

Pensumliste TIK4001- Modul 2 (Göran Sundqvist)


Asdal, K, Brenna, B. & Moser, I. (eds) (2007) Technoscience: The Politics of Intervention. Oslo: Unipub.

Collins, H. & Pinch, T. (1998) The Golem at Large: What You Should Know about Technology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Articles in Compendium 2

Callon, M., Lascoumes, P. & Barthe, Y. (2009) Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy. “Chapter 5”, pp. 153-189, Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press.

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Nedlastbare artikler/artikler tilgjengelige i fronter:

Bloor, D. (1973) ‘Wittgenstein and Mannheim on the Sociology of Mathematics’. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 4(2): 173-191.

Callon, M., Lascoumes, P. & Barthe, Y. (2009) Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy. Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, pp 1-36.

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Pensumliste TIK4001 Modul 3 - (Magnus Gulbrandsen)

Literature for module 3 TIK 4001 Fall 2012 (Morten’s week on innvation systems)

Books The Oxford Handbook of Innovation:

Chapter 7: “Systems of Innovation: Perspectives and Challenges” by Charles Edquist

Chapter 11: “The Geograpgy of Innovation: Regional Innovation Systems” by Bjørn Asheim and Meric Gertler

Chapter 14: “Sectoral Systems: How and Why Innovation Differs across Sectors” by Franco Malerba

Articles available online (or in Fronter)Sharif, Neubar (2006). Emergence and development of the National Innovation Systems concept. Research Policy, 35 (5), 745-766. Link

Pavitt, Keith (1984). Sectoral patterns of technical change: Towards a taxonomy and a theory. Research Policy, 13(6), 343-373. Link

Srholec, Martin and Verspagen, Bart (2007). The Voyage of the Beagle in Innovation Systems Land. Explorations on Sectors, Innovation, Heterogeneity and Selection. UNU-MERIT Working Paper Link

Freeman, C. (1995). The 'National System of Innovation' in historical perspective. Camb. J. Econ., 19(1), 5-24. Link

Bergek, A., Jacobsson, S., Carlsson, B., Lindmark, S., & Rickne, A. (2008). Analyzing the functional dynamics of technological innovation systems: A scheme of analysis. Research Policy, 37(3), 407-429. Link

Carlsson, B., & Stankiewicz, R. (1991). On the nature, function and composition of technological systems. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 1(2), 93-118. Link

Smith, Keith, 2000. Innovation as a systemic phenomenon: Rethinking the role of policy. Enterprise & Innovation Management Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2000, 73- 102. PDF available at Fronter.

Pensumliste TIK4001 Modul 4 - (Kristin Asdal)


Asdal, Kristin. 2011. Politikkens natur - naturens politikk. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget.

- Introduction: "Politikkens natur - naturens politikk.", 11-22.

- Chapter 1. "Å røre ved verket: veien om laboratoriet.", 23-49.

- Chapter 2. "En sak for industrien: politikkens tekster.", 50-74.

- Chapter 3. "Få utslippene ned! Tallteknologiers betydning.", 75-105.

- Chapter 4. "Et verk som ikke står der: å sende en sak på høring.", 106-38.

- Chapter 5. "Naturen som motvekt: naturvitenskap versus økonomifag.", 139-72.

- Chapter 6. "Klimasak som økonomisak: å ta markedsmekanismen i bruk.", 173-210.

Asdal, Kristin, Brita Brenna, and Ingunn Moser. 2007. Technoscience: The Politics of Interventions. Oslo: Unipub.

- Haraway, Donna. 2007. "Situated Knowledges: The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective.", 109-34.

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- Moser, Ingunn, and John Law. 2007. "Good Passages, Bad Passages.", 157-78.

- Star, Susan Leigh. 2007. "Power, Technology and the Phenomenology of Conventions: On Being Allergic to Onions.", 79-108.

Articles in Compendium 4:

Akrich, Madeleine. 1992. "The De-Scription of Technical Objects." In Shaping Technology/Building Society: Studies in Sociotechnical Change, edited by Wiebe E. Bijker and John Law, 205-24. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

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Online access:

Blok, Anders. 2007. "Experts on Public Trial: On Democratizing Expertise Through a Danish Consensus Conference." Public Understanding of Science 16 (2): 163-82. Link

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Pensumliste TIK4001 - Modul 5 (Morten Fosaas)

The Oxford Handbook of Innovation" 2005, Edited by Jan Fagerberg, David Mowery and Richard Nelson. Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford.

"Innovation, Path Dependency, and Policy: The Norwegian case" 2009. Edited by Jan Fagerberg, David Mowery and Bart Verspagen. Published by Oxfoerd Univeristy Press, Oxford.

"Managing Innovation: Integrating technological, market and organizationa change" 2011 4th edition. By Joe Tidd and John Bessant. Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd., West Essex.


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