Assessment criteria

  1. Presentation content: Structure (flow, logic, connection)
  2. Presentation content: Argumentation (discussion of problem statement; pros and cons for the different positions in a comprehensive and balanced way)
  3. Presentation content: Quality of conclusion, originality, discussion of consequences
  4. Presentation content: Providing evidence (including and using literature in a correct and appropriate way)
  5. Presentation content: Language (correct and appropriate use of scientific concepts and terms)
  6. Reaction to questions (pointed, clear)
  7. Overall accomplishment of learning outcomes (holistic evaluation)

Assessment scale: 1-5 for each criterion from “fully accomplished” to “not accomplished”

Final grade: weighted average of the 7 criteria with 1) 10%, 2) 20%, 3) 10%, 4) 20%, 5) 10%, 6) 20%, 7) 10%

The presentation quality in terms of readability, design, delivery, and timing will not be graded but students should be aware that this criterion will implicitly influence the other criteria.



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