Guidelines for the final presentations

1. Three days before the exam, the students will receive the topics they are to present in Canvas. The topics will be randomly assigned.

2. During the presentation, the candidate must convey the material in a clear and understandable way. The candidate may assume that the examiners are familiar with the course curriculum.

3. Both the academic content and delivery are taken into consideration by the examination committee, but it is the academic content and demonstrated knowledge which counts the most towards the grade.

4. The presentation should take 20 minutes. The candidate must bring the presentation on an USB stick.

5. After the presentation, the examiners have 10 minutes to ask questions.

6. The grades are communicated to the candidate the same day, along with a written explanation of the grade.

7. The presentations are open to listeners. Listeners may not interrupt or otherwise distract the candidate who is presenting.


Advice for the final presentation

  1. Focus on measurement aspects (validity & reliability) while working on the subject.
  2. Structure your lecture such that it introduces key concepts and terminology for the subject at hand, expands on the problem and sensitivity of the topic, discusses pro’s and contra’s from the different positions, and ends with some personal conclusions.
  3. Avoid having to memorize other people’s exact words. Try to get a good grip on the source literature such that you can make it your own.
  4. Practice your talk out loud such that you can ensure that your lecture remains within the time limits and can be comfortable while presenting. Preparation is the best medicine to counter nervousness.

Good luck!

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