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EDUDEVA2 – Education and Development II

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The first part of this course deals with education policies in developing countries. The role of multilateral and bilateral donors to the education sector in developing countries will be analysed. The analysis includes a discussion of the role of the World Bank for the education sector in developing countries. The recent move towards Education for All will be analysed.

In the second part of the course culture in developing countries and the content of schooling including recent curriculum developments will be analysed. This part also deals with the important question of the language of instruction in schools, especially in Africa and Asia. The language question in Africa and Asia will be seen in the light of Globalisation, Governance and Social Justice. This part of the course also includes a brief introduction to the field of ethno-mathematics.

The third part of the course has a focus on higher education in developing countries and especially on the role of the universities.


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The course is a part of the study programme Master of Philosophy in Comparative and International Education. Only students formally accepted to the programme may attend the course.


Syllabus for each specialisation is 1200 pages. A topic for Term paper is to be suggested by the student, and approved by the Specialisation course professor. The two specialisations each run over nine weeks at different times of the week, and are subdivided into three courses of three weeks each. This makes it possible for students who have not chosen the speciality, to take just one three weeks course of it and use it for instance as basis for their Elective paper


Participants of a specialisation course are required to write a term paper of 15 -20 pages at the end of the course. The term paper is graded by the course professor and an external examiner, and discussed at an oral exam. Grades are A, B, C, D, E and F(ail).


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