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Lids hus – Botanical Museum

Address: Sars' gt./Monrads gt.

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In the building

The building houses offices, laboratories, libraries and auditoriums and is usually not open to the public. The building is formerly known as the Botanical Museum.


  • In general: The building has four floors. Parts of the first floor is the only area accessible by wheelchair.
  • Entryway: The building has three entrances, none of which are wheelchair accessible. Assistance is required.
  • Lift: No lifts.
  • Doors: Some interior doorways have high thresholds and heavy doors. Adjustments may be considered.
  • Toilets: No accessible toilets.
  • Lecture rooms: No induction loops.
  • Rest rooms: None.


Built in:

Sars' gate / Monrads gate

Gross area:
3.209 m²

Operations area:

Building number:



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