INTPART - International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research

The INTPART programme funds partnerships between Norwegian higher education and research institutions and excellent partners in prioritised countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, USA and Canada. The University of Oslo currently holds 39 of the 139 INTPART projects granted since 2015.

INTPART projects awarded in 2019

In 2019 the University of Oslo was granted 11 projects out of a total of 50 projects nationally: 

  • Department of Biosciences; Bio-inspired Neural Networks for Artificial Intelligence systems: A US-Norway collaboration converging Neuroscience and AI (mAIBrain); Marianne Fyhn. Country: USA.
  • Institute of Basic Medical Sciences; Norwegian-American Alliance for Research and Education in Data Driven Mathematical Models of Cancer (CancerMath); Arnoldo Frigessi. Country: USA.
  • Department of Physics; Nuclear shapes and resonances in research and education; Sunniva Siem. Countries: South-Africa & USA.
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine; Reversing antimicrobial
    resistance (AMR); Tone Tønjum. Countries: China, India, South-Africa, USA.
  • Department of Geosciences/NJORD; Collaboration on Flow across Scales (COLOSSAL); Francois Renard;. Countries: Brazil, France, USA.
  • Department of Informatics; Collaboration on Intelligent Machines 2 (COINMAC2); Jim Tørresen. Countries: Brazil, Japan, USA.
  • Department of Informatics; Digital System Requirements for Natural Resources Engineering (DSYNE); David Cameron. Countries: Brazil & USA.
  • Department of Geosciences; Changes at the Top of the World through Volcanism and Plate Tectonics: a Norwegian-Russian-North American Collaboration in Arctic Research and Education (NOR-R-AM2); Carmen Gaina. Countries: Canada, Russland, USA.
  • Department of Psychology; The Oslo-Toronto Alliance in Lifespan Changes in Brain and Cognition – Next Years (LCBC); Anders Fjell. Country: Canada.
  • Department of Geosciences; Integrating Macroeconomics, Climate Physics, and Games Theory for Innovative Education and Research (IMAGINE); Trude Storelvmo. Country: USA.
  • Department of Economics; Research and Education in Quantitative Macroeconomics with Focus on Inequality: Cooperation Between UiO, UPenn, Yale, and UToronto (MacroCoop); Hans Holter,. Countries: Canada & USA.

INTPART projects awarded in 2018

In 2018 the University of Oslo was granted 8 projects out of a total of 25 projects nationally.

  • Microbial Surface Colonization - an INTPART initiative with Nagoya University, Japan, and with the Union Medical College, China,
    Project coordinator: Dirk Linke. Countries: Japan and China.
  • Research and education on transglutaminase and celiac disease 
    Project coordinator: Ludvig M. Sollid. Country: USA
  • Chinese-Norwegian Partnership for Education and Research in Cancer Cell Biology (ChiNoCell) 
    Project coordinator: Harald Stenmark. Country: China
  • Nuclear shapes and resonances, Japan-Norway collaboration on research and education,
    Project coordinator: Sunniva Siem. Country: Japan
  • International Partnership for Computing in Science Education, Project coordinator: Morten Hjorth-Jensen. Country: USA
  • From hydrothermal systems to mud volcanoes: Planet-scale impacts of piercements in sedimentary basins 
    Project coordinator: Adriano Mazzini. Countries: Russia, Japan, USA
  • Partnership for Research and Education in Resources, the Environment, and Strategic Cooperation between Norway, USA and Japan,
    Project coordinator: Bård Harstad. Countries: USA and Japan
  • MultiLing in partnership with South Africa and USA,
    Project coordinator: Elizabeth Lanza. Countries: South Africa and USA

INTPART projects awarded in 2017

In 2017 the University of Oslo was granted 7 projects out of a total of 25 projects nationally.

  • Humanistic Studies of Environment and Climate Change in China: The Oslo-Zhejiang Project. 
    Project coordinator: Mette Halskov Hansen. Country: China.
  • Enhancing world-class research and education in biofilm and antibiotic resistance by strengthening cooperation between Norway-Brazil-USA. 
    Project coordinator: Fernanda C. Petersen. Country: USA, Brazil.
  • Global Component Separation Network.
    Project coordinator: Ingunn Kathrine Wehus. Country: Canada, India, Japan, South Africa
  • International Partnerships for RITMO Centre of Excellence.
    Project coordinator: Anne Danielsen. Country: USA, Canada, Japan
  • India - Norway partnership for research and education in materials for energy and environment. 
    Project coordinator: Helmer Fjellvåg. Country: India.
  • Integrating global mental health with brain imaging and genetics in mental illness research and education. 
    Project coordinator: Ole A. Andreassen. Country: South Africa.
  • Partnership on Security and Safety for Cyber-Physical Systems. 
    Project coordinator: Audun Jøsang. Country: Germany, France.

INTPART projects awarded in 2016

In 2016 the University of Oslo was granted 8 projects out of a total of 20 projects nationally.

INTPART projects awarded in 2015

In 2015 the University of Oslo was granted 5 projects out of a total of 19 projects nationally.

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