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Functional description for local HSE coordinators

The purpose of local HSE coordinators is to assist managers in fulfilment of their HSE responsibilities.

Responsibilities and roles

  • The Dean, heads of department, museum directors, library director, heads of centre and directors of administrative departments have overall responsibility for HSE management in each unit.
  • Which tasks are delegated to the local HSE coordinator must be agreed between the manager and the local HSE coordinator. Different units have different characteristics and needs that will determine the tasks that will be appropriate for the local HSE coordinator.


Local HSE coordinators shall have the necessary skills to perform their tasks, with particular knowledge of the University's HSE system and regulatory changes. Courses which are mandatory for safety representatives will normally also apply to local HSE coordinators.

Typical tasks

Main tasks

  • Act as an advisor to the management on HSE issues
  • Assist management in the conduct of systematic HSE management (coordinate, establish, develop and ensure quality.)
  • Ensure that systematic HSE management is planned and documented
  • Report to management and keep management informed of significant issues affecting HSE
  • Conduct inspections and audits to ensure that systematic HSE managed is performed as intended.

Practical tasks

  • Undertake unit safety inspections.
  • Assist in working environment surveys.
  • Log attendance at HSE training.
  • Develop appropriate procedures.
  • Monitor the unit's non-conformity rectification.
  • Assist the manager in assessing the consequences related to HSE of major changes, such as the introduction of new methods, the purchase of major items of scientific equipment, reconstruction or reorganisation.
  • Updating the HSE website (editorial responsibility).
  • Act as secretary for LWEC.
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