PhD Candidate Liv-Elisif Kalland, Department of Chemistry

Candidate for the University Board among the fixed-term employees with teaching and research positions.

Liv-Elisif Kalland

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  • PhD Candidate Gro Live Fagereng, Department of Biosciences
  • PhD Candidate Andreas Løken, Department of Chemistry


The temporary academic staff (TAS) constitute a large and important part of the research and teaching performed at the University of Oslo. I stand for election because want to use my experience within the university politics to not only protect our interests but also promote measures that can improve the quality of education. I welcome any comment and input that you might have, and you can reach me at UiODoc meetings or through mail.

During the last year I have been the representative of the temporary academic staff (TAS) for the University Board, and earlier I have been member of the Research committee and board member in UiODoc, as well as having worked in the project group ”Quality in PhD.-education” centrally at UiO. Through this work I have identified three main topics that I will focus on if elected:

1. Quality in the PhD-education and improved facilitation for TAS

As a part of Strategy 2020 one of the prioritized topics for 2012 is the Ph.D.-education. One of my main goal will be to ensure that the contents of the report on ”Quality in the PhD-education” is announced and that measures are taken this year. The most important themes are among others the possibility for and facilitation of the development of generic skills that improve the quality of research and makes for more attractive career paths both in and outside academia. Furthermore, there is a need for more career counseling, training of the supervising academics and programs for the reception of new employees that clarifies both rights and duties and gives basic information about UiO. All these endeavors would strengthen both post doc and other temporary staff.

2. Networks, arenas for cooperation and participation.

There are two things I consider imperative to ensure a continuous progress in the work to give temporary academic staff excellent qualifications and a good working environment. First, TAS needs to have permanent and fixed representation in all relevant boards and committees on all levels at the University. Secondly, efforts must be made to strengthen and support the cooperation between the representatives of different levels, whether faculty or department. This includes both local initiatives and arenas and central ones such as UiODoc. The latter I consider fundamental to building networks, cooperation and experience sharing between those the different local representatives and between local and central representatives. There is much to gain from closer cooperation and learning from the experience and good initiatives, whether they are for governing bodies or from the TAS’ themselves.

3. Temporary employment and appointment policy

The main concern for the majority of TAS at UiO is the unpredictable working conditions and career development, and the short term employment being the most obvious and problematic. Project based financing of salaries and education during your education is impossible to avoid all together, but UiO could still step up its efforts to ensure permanent employment for long term external financing. Equally important is making sure regulations of appointments do not stand in the way of employment extensions and new appointments, and that the appointment process is not unduly slow.

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