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Compulsory activities at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Compulsory activity is a work requirement you must complete in a course to be allowed to take the exam. It is specified on the course page if a course has compulsory activity.

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Guidelines for compulsory activities at the Faculty of Social Sciences

  1. If the student is prevented from carrying out compulsory activities due to illness, imposed quarantine or other circumstances related to the corona virus before the date of the exam, the student may be given the opportunity to take the examination, but must complete the compulsory activities within a given deadline.
  2. In the event of a valid absence from compulsory activities, the student may have to complete another compulsory activity, be exempted from attendance or postpone the compulsory activity.
  3. If you do not pass the compulsory activity, you can get a second attempt the same semester. You can also appeal the decision. This does not apply to compulsory attendance.
  4. Approved compulsory activities are valid as long as the course is given, unless otherwise stated on the course page. 
  5. The course page must specify what is the requirement for approval of the compulsory activity. An explanation shall be given if the activity is not approved.
  6. You are required to familiarize yourself with the rules of referencing and source usage, as well as the consequences of cheating. All compulsory assignments will be checked for cheating, plagiarism and bad referencing and source usage.
  7. In case of suspicion of cheating on a compulsory activity, the student will be informed. The University of Oslo's Appeals Committee makes decisions in cases involving suspected cheating or attempted cheating


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§ 2 of the Midlertidig forskrift om tillegg til forskrift om studier og eksamener ved Universitetet i Oslo

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