Learning outcomes

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Innovation Mangement programme provides you with cutting-edge knowledge and skills on how to successfully develop captivating products and services to solve challenging problems in a highly uncertain environment, often under considerable time constraints with very limited resources. You will be able to apply these skills in the context of both new ventures as well as in established companies.

Learning outcome for students attending this study programme 2017 or earlier.

Specifically, after completing a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Innovation Management you will have developed:


  • You have developed advanced knowledge on how to assess business opportunities and an in-depth understanding of what typically characterize successes and failures:
    • You understand different methods to assess the attractiveness of business opportunities
    • You understand what characterizes an attractive business opportunity and common pitfalls during the entrepreneurial process
  • You have developed advanced knowledge about key processes necessary to bring new products and services to market and key challenges facing the entrepreneur at different stages of the entrepreneurial voyage:
    • You understand the key risks and the most effective processes in bringing different types of products or services to market
    • You understand different methods that can be used to minimize uncertainties at different stages of the entrepreneurial process
    • You understand the dynamics of how teams develop and function as well as the various types of conflicts that can arise during teamwork
  • You have developed an understanding of scientific research methods and theories relevant for the field:
    • You understand different innovation and entrepreneurship theories and their implications
    • You understand the various scientific research methods commonly used to study innovation, entrepreneurship and new technology


  • You are able to assess the commercial viability of new technologies, business opportunities and existing companies:
    • You are able collect and analyse data to assess the attractiveness of new business opportunities in regards to the market, the industry, and the team
    • You are able to detect weaknesses and strengths within a business opportunity, and give suggestions of how to improve these weaknesses and utilize these strengths
  • You are able to plan, organize, and execute a project or new venture with the goal of bringing new products and service to the market:
    • You are able to transform an initial idea into a fully-fledged business opportunity and effectively communicate this opportunity through a business plan and pitch
    • You are able to design, organize, and lead a team with the goal of bringing new products and services to market
    • You are able to adapt to changing circumstances that occur during the entrepreneurial process
  • You are able to carry out scientific research in the field of entrepreneurship
    • You are able to identify and develop relevant research topics
    • You are able to apply advanced scientific research methods to investigate selected research topics

General competences

  • You have improved your interpersonal and collaborative skills
    • You have developed your skills in effectively working in and leading professional teams
    • You have developed your ability to communicate across cultures and disciplines
  • You can effectively combine your understanding of technology and entrepreneurship in a cross-disciplinary fashion to identify and develop attractive opportunities within your field of experience
    • You understand how technology can be utilized to improve company performance
    • You have an holistic approach when working in technology projects
    • You can effectively present and communicate opportunities to both a technical- and a business-oriented audience
  • You can write scientific reports and communicate the results in a professional manner
    • You can write comprehensive scientific reports that can effectively communicate your research findings to colleagues and experts in the field of entrepreneurship
    • You can effectively discuss your own research findings and the research findings of others at professional seminars and workshops
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