Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (master's two years)

In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt to changes and seize new opportunities is more important than ever. As a student you will develop the necessary entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in such an environment, whether you want to help transform existing companies, dream of starting your own venture, or simply want to expand your career horizon.

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You do not need to found a company to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are also a critical resource for transforming established organizations by creating innovative products and services. Read more


MSc in Entrepeneurship and Innovation Mangagement programme is located at the heart of a highly advanced entrepreneurial environment. 

Read more

Prepare yourself for the job market of tomorrow

To successfully adapt to an uncertain job market, employees need to learn to embrace change in a controlled way. Not fear it. Read more


- Bridging the gap between science and business

A scientific or technical background is a strong platform to venture into the commercial world, according to associate professor Jens Petter Falck. Read more

Duration:2 years

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Career Interviews (in Norwegian)

  • mali-brodreskift-red Bygger et crowdfundingmiljø i Norge

    Da Mali Konstad Brødreskift ble ferdig med studiene, kontaktet hun Bidra.no og spurte om de trengte henne. I dag er hun ansvarlig redaktør.

  • christofferhernaes_507x338 En utfordrer i finansbransjen

    Christoffer Hernæs (37) er Chief Digital Officer i Sbanken og dermed ansvarlig for forretningsutvikling, innovasjon og IT i Norges første rendyrkede nettbank.

Start of studies

06 Jan.
10:00 AM, Oslo Central Station
06 Jan.
5:00 PM, Georg Sverdrups hus, Auditorium 1