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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Congratulations on securing a place in the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management program at the University of Oslo! In the following, you will find a greeting from the program leader as well as information about important deadlines and the the detailed program for the first two weeks.

Welcome from the Programme Manager

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Dr. Jens Petter Falck
Associate Professor, Senior Advisor, Programme Manager 

Welcome to the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (MSc ENT) programme at the University of Oslo. We look all very much forward to meeting you in person and to work with you over the next 22 months.

The MSc ENT program teaches ambitious students with a technical-scientific background to successfully develop and commercialize new products and services, in both large complex organizations as well as in start-up companies. In the program, you will study topics where, by design, most of you have neither previous experience nor educational background.  Moreover, the field is highly interdisciplinary where effective working in and leading teams is an important success factor. As such, the master’s program is rather different from all other master’s programs offered by the Department of informatics.

While this may sound overwhelming at first, fear not.  Since the starting point is so different, the structure and operational mode of the program is also rather different. Except for one elective course in the first semester, all courses are compulsory to ensure consistent and necessary learning. Group work is an integrated component in all courses except in your final master’s thesis, and attendance is mandatory in all lectures throughout the program. Finally, the subjects are taught by lecturers with a combined academic and practitioner background, and training is reinforced through semester-long projects.

To ensure a good introduction to the programme both professionally and socially, the programme starts with the annual MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Kick-off Week from August 23rd-27th.  A general introduction to the master’s programs at the Department of informatics will be given during the introductory week from August 18th-20th. During these three days, in addition to receiving valuable information, you must choose your one elective course as explained below. For administrative reasons, the deadline is already August 19th. Thus, it is important that you study the alternatives in advance by using the links given in the section below and actively participate in the introductory week sessions.

Below please find some practical information to help you preparing for your studies.

Until we meet on August 18th, enjoy the summer. 

Kind regards,

Jens Petter

Key facts about the program

In short, the programme is an opportunity to prepare an interdisciplinary career for students with a technical or scientific background, for the benefit of both business and society as a whole.

Selecting an elective course

During the first semester you have four mandatory courses and one elective course. This is the only elective course in the two-year program. The course registration deadline is on August 19th.

Contact information

Phone: +47 22 84 01 00

Events for Entrepeneurship

Please note that the program is being updated continuously!

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