Why choose this programme?

In today’s rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt to changes and seize new opportunities is more important than ever. As a student you will develop the necessary entrepreneurial abilities to succeed in such an environment, whether you want to help transform existing companies, dream of starting your own venture, or simply want to expand your career horizon.

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A brief description of the programme

Many people think that being an entrepreneur only means starting your own company. This is not entirely true. In fact, in developed economies entrepreneurship most often occurs in well-established companies. In general, entrepreneurship is the ability to successfully develop and bring to market captivating products and services that solve challenging problems, in a highly uncertain environment, often under considerable time constraints with very limited resources.

People are not born entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship can be learned! The focus of the programme is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of core business disciplines and to develop critical entrepreneurial skills and mindset needed in order to successfully lead and manage these processes.

Key facts about the programme

  • Designed for students with an educational background within natural sciences, technology or medical sciences as a vehicle to expand future career options into leading new product or market initiatives in existing organizations or starting their own business. Previous education within business- and entrepreneurship related topics are neither assumed nor necessary. In order to further develop your field of expertise, you are required to take one elective master course within natural sciences, technology or medical sciences.
  • A practice-based programme accelerating learning through real-world experience. Entrepreneurship is taught through a combination of courses and by utilizing own experiences from practicing entrepreneurship in both a student driven start-up project and in a corporate environment. Many of the courses are group based, offering an opportunity to develop necessary skills required to effectively work in and lead teams in a safe environment.
  • Faculty with extensive business experience and academic competence that together creates an optimal knowledge basis by combining practical experience and knowhow with the latest cutting-edge business tools and theories as well as pedagogic experience.

Top three reasons to choose this programme

  • You aspire to be an innovation manager in an existing firm. This programme will enable you to become an innovative leader within established organizations by providing you with comprehensive knowledge and vigorous training on how to evaluate, plan, execute, and sustain innovative new products and services that bring value to individuals, organizations, and communities around the world.
  • You dream of starting your own company, maybe not now, but after gaining sufficient work experience and industry knowhow. Within this programme you will learn how to identify new ideas and opportunities, turn them into a working business, sustain competitive advantage, and strategically grow your company.
  • You want to stay competitive in an increasingly interdisciplinary and changing work climate. One of the main goals of this programme is to foster an entrepreneurial mindset that will enable you to successfully adapt, innovate and stay resilient in the face of unstable and constantly changing organizational and societal environments.

Master's thesis

You can write your master's thesis on the topic you are the most passionate about. Write it alone, in groups, or in collaboration with a company! The master's thesis is a great opportunity to further develop both your understanding of the chosen topic and your research skills. This can become a starting point of your academic career!

Study environment

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Innovation Management programme offers a small, engaging and challenging study environment with likeminded students from around the world.

The programme is located in the University of Oslo’s most modern and coolest building which is part of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem including several incubators, industry cluster organizations, and a science park hosting a multitude of innovative companies.

The University of Oslo also offers a host of very active student organizations covering a wide range of interests.

Studies abroad

You will have a unique opportunity to hone your entrepreneurial skills and perspectives by spending 10 weeks in a highly competitive and internationally recognized start-up ecosystem in Boston, San Francisco or Toronto. You will work in a local innovative start-up company and take a course at an internationally recognized university. This is part of the Gründerskolen programme.

Career prospects

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship Innovation Management programme gives students the opportunity to combine their science and engineering background with business skills. Having this combination is highly beneficial and relevant in both well-established organizations as well as in start-ups. As such, the programme provides the students with knowledge and capabilities that open the door to several career paths:

  • Founding your own business or joining a start-up; not necessarily right after your studies but also later in your career after building relevant sector-specific know-how and network
  • Start working in an established company as a business developer, project manager, management trainee, management consultant or investment manager in a range of knowledge based sectors. Such sectors include ICT services, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and energy

Students planning to continue in academia can pursue a PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship. Read more about career opportunities.

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