Local regulations

Rules issued about:

Study plan deadlines

The master study agreement plan must be handed to the student administration no later than 1 December in the first semester of the master's studies. 

Postponed MSc thesis submission

Applications for postponed thesis submission must be sent complete with documentation to the Student administration no later than 1 month before the submission date for the thesis, using the online form at Illness at exams / postponed exams with the course code GEO5960.

Valid reasons for postponement are stated in the Regulations concerning courses, modules and degrees, section 4.3.5.

Your MSc thesis submission deadline will be updated in Studentweb if your application is approved.

Special syllabus

Application for approval of special syllabus must be sent to the Programme board as soon as it is decided upon and before the exam in the special syllabus is held. It is important that the Programme board is given enough time to be able to handle the application before the exam is held.

  • For special syllabus giving 10 credits: The syllabus must include a minimum of 250 pages from articles; or a minimum of 350 pages from books; or a workload equivalent to 250 hours. 
  • Accordingly, special syllabus giving 5 credits: Must include a minimum of 125 pages from articles; or a minimum of 175 pages from books; or a workload equivalent to 125 hours.
  • The special syllabus shall be assessed by a committee represented by an internal- and an external assessor and graded as pass/fail. 

The special syllabus will be assessed by an internal- and external assessment committee, where the external assessor cannot be or have been working in the same place as any of the supervisors, either at the moment or within the last 2 years. For any questions, please contact the Student administration. 

We have collected important applications on its own webpage and you will find the application for use of a special syllabus there

See also: Central regulations concerning studies

Inquiries to the Programme Board

All inquiries to the Programme Board for studies and study programmes at the Department of Geosciences can be sent to:

Program council secretary:
Marie Berstad / Kristian Bjelbøle Bakken

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