Finishing the programme

The finishing processes start already at the beginning of the last semester.

Below you'll find a checklist with the necessary information for students finishing their MSc studies in Geosciences.

  1. Deadlines
  2. Frontpage for your master's thesis
  3. Submitting the master's thesis
  4. Print your thesis
  5. Final examination
  6. Clearance form
  7. Diploma

1. Deadlines

The regular deadlines for submitting the master thesis is:

For students admitted autumn 2018 and earlier: 

  • 1 June at 11.59 PM / 23.59

For students admitted autumn 2019 and later: 

  • 15 May at 11.59 / 23.59.

The final deadline will be given to you when receiving the answer to your application for approval of master’s studies contract (study plan) in the 2nd semester. 

2. Frontpage for your master's thesis

When writing large documents, it can be helpful to use styles. Styles help with the layout of the document and form the basis for the automatic generation of a table of content.

Please use the MN-faculty layout template, containing suitable styles for a master thesis. 

The templates are available in English and Norwegian and are built in Word. LaTex is also available:

There are no rules regarding the use of font types or size, but please note that the Department of Geosciences only pays for a maximum of 20 (- or 40, see point 4) colour pages. If you have more colour pages than this, you'll have to pay for the extra pages when picking up your thesis from the University Print Centre. They accept VISA and Mastercard.

3. Submitting the master's thesis

Before you are eligible for the master's exam, the following must be done:

  • You have to pay the semester fee and be registered for the current semester
  • The theoretical curriculum has to be completed and passed.

Your thesis must be submitted in two separate ways before the deadline:

  1. Upload the thesis in Studentweb. Read more about how to submit your master's thesis to Studentweb/DUO.
  2. Hand in the thesis in Inspera

4. Print your thesis

Updated with information relevant for spring 2020: 

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, you do not send your thesis printed to the supervisors, nor the assessment committee. However, you can order prints (5 copies) of the thesis for private use by uploading it to the University Print Centre (NO: Reprosentralen). When you upload your thesis for printing, you must include the following codes: 

  1. Location code (stedkode): 152200
  2. Budget code (tiltakskode): 649001

For each of those 5 copies, the department will pay for up to 40 colour pages per copy (5*40 = 200 colour pages in total). When uploading the thesis, please specify which page should be printed in colour, e.g: 

  • "The following pages should be printed in colours: 4, 14, 34, 35, 56, 66, etc. (..)". 

Remember to specify the actual pages in accordance with the electronic PDF-version, not the printed one since the first pages may start with Roman numerals, or simply just no page numbers at all. 

You have to make contact with the print centre to arrange the pick-up/sending. 
It can be picked up in their offices in the basement of Kristian Ottosens' hus (map), entrance B. Akademika book store is in the floor above. 

If you have questions, please make contact with the student administration.

    5. Final examination

    Before you are eligible for the final examination, the theoretical curriculum (in accordance with the approved master’s study plan) in your master’s programme must be completed, including the mandatory HSE-courses.

    The final examination will normally take place in mid/late June. The date for the examination should be no later than 6 weeks after the thesis submission. The final MSc examination consists of:

    • An oral presentation of the master thesis given by the student (you), open to the public. The presentation should last 30 minutes. 
    • An oral examination where the candidate (you) defend your thesis and presentation. An external- and an internal assessor will be present, together with your supervisor(s). 

    All final master's examinations are announced on the department web site

    6. Clearance form

    In order to get your final Master of Science diploma, you will have to submit a clearance form for your master’s studies programme. Here you'll get a confirmation from different UiO resources, stating that you have no outstanding obligations towards the university. 

    Before submitting the clearance form, please read the following: what to do with your research data.

    Clearance form:

    If you are residing abroad, please remember to hand in the clearance form before leaving.

    Please note that the degree after your examination will not be obtained before we get the complete clearance form back.

    7. Diploma

    After you have submitted the clearance form and have obtained your MSc degree, it will take 2-8 weeks before your diploma is ready for pick up.

    In the clearance form, you decide if you would like to:

    • have the diploma shipped to your semester registered address by registered post (NOR: rekommandert brevpost). The shipment will have to be picked up at your local post office within 14 days. Remember to bring an approved ID. Or:
    • get an email when your diploma is ready for you, and you can come to the student administration to pick it up. This might be nice if you are about to move, and not sure where you are living in the upcoming weeks.

    Please remember to update your new semester address in Studentweb if you are moving, and update your new mailbox with your name.

    Your obtained degree will further be accessible at the Diploma registry, where you can collect your results from higher education in Norway and share them with potential employers, educational institutions and other relevant recipients.

    The Diploma Registry is free of charge:

    Do not hesitate to contact the Student administration ( if you need assistance or have any questions.

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