Resource page for master's students

A man sitting at a mountain peak, looking over to another peek far away. Between them, the track ahead, symbolizing the student's travel towards the end of the programme

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There are many things to remember as a master student. On this resource page you will find information for all master's students at the Dept. of Geosciences.

Information on submission of master’s thesis at the MN Faculty autumn 2020.

Programme coordinators (programme options)

If you have questions about the programme structure for your study option, you may contact the coordinator for the study option.

Supervisors for the MSc theses in Geosciences

Here, you'll find an overview of supervisors in Geosciences at the Department of Geosciences, CEED and others and their area of research.


Application relevant for the master's programme in Geosciences, such as master study agreement, changing your study plan and more.

Local regulations

Local regulations for the MSc programme in Geosciences:

  • Postponed MSc thesis submission
  • Special syllabus
  • Expense support related to the MSc thesis

Working with your master thesis

Master's thesis front page, guidelines for writing references, library resources and more.

Finishing the MSc programme

Completing your studies – The final steps: 

  • Frontpage of the master thesis
  • Printing your thesis
  • Final examination
  • Clearance form
  • Diploma and more