Manage your studies

All master students at the Department of Geosciences are expected to have normal study progress throughout their studies. As a master student, you have a set of rules and regulations to adhere to, and resources for accomplishing these are listed on the following web pages.

Master programme: Master study agreement and other applications

Application relevant for the master programme in Geosciences, such as master study agreement, changing your study plan and more.

Programme coordinators (study option)

If you have questions about the programme structure for your study option, you may contact the master programme coordinator.

Working with your master thesis

Master thesis front page, guidelines for writing references, library resources and more.

Local regulations issued by the Programme Board

Local regulations for the MSc programme in Geosciences:

  • Deadlines for submission study plans
  • Postponed MSc thesis submission
  • Special syllabus
  • Expense support related to the MSc thesis
  • Inquiries to the Programme Board

Grading system

The University of Oslo employs either a grading scale with letter values or a grading scale with only pass/fail values in the assessment of examinations.

Grade descriptions for master theses

Grade descriptions for master’s thesis.

Completing your studies - checklist

Completing your studies- the final steps: 

  1. Deadlines
  2. Front page of the master thesis
  3. Submitting the master thesis in DUO (StudentWeb)
  4. Handing in the master thesis to the Studies administration
  5. Final examination
  6. Clearance form- almost done
  7. Diploma

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