Supervisors for MSc theses in Geosciences

This is an overview of supervisors in Geosciences at the Department of Geosciences, CEED and others and their area of research.

For further information regarding available MSc theses at the Department of Geosciences go to the list of available MSc-projects.

Supervisors in Geosciences (sorted alphabetically by first name):

Name Area of research
Andreas Max Kääb

Geomatics - remote sensing / Glacial and permafrost related hazards

Asbjørn Breivik

Marine geophysics

Bernd Etzelmüller

Geomatics / GIS / Terrain models etc / Geomorphology / Permafrost

Chong-Yu Xu Hydrology
Dag A. Karlsen

Petroleum geochemistry

Elisabeth Alve

Micropaleontology / Environmental stratigraphy

Frode Stordal

Atmospheric chemistry / Climate modeling / Atmosphere-biosphere interactions

Gijsbert D. Breedveld

Environmental geochemistry: fate / Transport and risk assessment of contaminants in soil sediments and groundwater

Hans Arne Nakrem

Macro-fossil palaeontology, invertebrates (bryozoans) and conodonts / Biostratigraphy, paleoecology and systematic descriptions.

Helge Hellevang Geochemistry (on paternity leave autumn 2021)
Henrik Svensen Earth Crises
Jan Inge Faleide Marine geophysics / Petroleum geology
Jens Jahren

Sedimentology / Diagenesis

Joseph Henry Lacasce

Dynamical Meteorology / Oceanography

Jon Ove M. Hagen

Glaciology / Glacial hydrology / Snow

Jørn Hurum

Vertebrate palaeontology / Mesozoic reptiles and early mammals

Karen Mair


Kirstin Krüger

Dynamical meteorology / atmosphere-ocean interactions / Middle atmosphere / Chemistry climate / Earth System modelling

Leiv Jacob Gelius Geophysics
Lena M. Tallaksen Hydrology
Luca Menegon Lithosphere deformation and metamorphism
M.D. Nazmul H. Mondol

Sedimentology / Diagenesis

Nikki Vercauteren  
Pavel V. Doubrovine Dynamic Earth
Per Aagaard

Environmental Geology / Hydrogeology / Carbon storage (CCS) / Geochemistry / Water-Rock Interaction

Pål Erik Isaksen

Dynamical Oceanography

Regine Hock Glacier mass balance, glacier meteorology and hydrology, modelling the response of glaciers to climate change, the contribution of glacier wastage to global sea-level rise
Reidar Trønnes

Experimental mineralogy and geochemistry / Planetary evolution and dynamics

Roy H. Gabrielsen

Structural geology / Petroleum geology

Stephanie C. Werner Earth & Beyond
Sverre Planke Earth Crises
Terje K. Berntsen

Atmospheric chemistry / Climate modeling / Atmosphere-cryosphere interactions

Thomas V. Schuler

Glaciology / Cryospheric modelling / Snow distribution / Hydrology

Trond Eiken

Geodesy / Photogrammetry

Trond Helge Torsvik  
Trude Storelvmo

Climate modeling / aerosol-cloud interactions / Cloud-climate feedbacks / Climate sensitivity / Geoengineering

Valerie Maupin

Geophysics / Seismology

Wolfram M. Kürschner

Palynology, Stratigraphy, Isotope Geochemistry, Palaeoclimatology


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