Published June 24, 2020 12:37 PM

Dear all MSc candidates in Geosciences and CS:GEO!

You received an email yesterday with important information regarding clearance of your data, and a reminder to clear out your study desk/lab area before you are leaving. 

It's important that you take time and read through that.

Also, when you are done with your final MSc examination, please drop by Karl Johan at room 111 at the Student administration.
We have a small gift for you!

If you have any questions, please drop by!

Yours sincerely, 
Student administration 
Department of Geosciences

Published May 29, 2020 12:22 PM

Some of you have sent us questions regarding which format to use while writing your MSc thesis.

In order to write a good, academic thesis or scientific text, it is important to use sources in the right way.

You can find more information about this and you are welcome to contact the library for further questions, or make contact with us!

More information here:

Break a leg!
Yours sincerely, 
Student administration 
Department of Geosciences

Published May 18, 2020 1:42 PM

Last chance to complete the HSE-training for spring 2020 is 25 May. 

The mandatory HSE-courses can be found here:

More information concerning registration and completing the HSE-course at the specific course page. 

If you still haven't completed the HSE courses and are graduating, spring 2020, you have to complete the training in order to pass your theoretical syllabus and be eligible for the final MSc examination. 

If you still haven't passed HMS0507 - Fire Safety, you'll have to wait until August/September 2020.

Make contact with us, or the MN Student Information Centre (  if you have any questions!

Yours sincerely, 
Student administrati...

Published May 13, 2020 2:08 PM

On April 27, UiO has decided to allow a cautious start-up. Here you will find a web form to apply for access to use GEO's infrastructure and buildings.

Only master's students in geosciences who shall deliver their thesis in the spring of 2020 can apply to use the infrastructure and facilities at the department. It is also a criterion that the use of the facilities must be absolutely necessary to complete the master's thesis.

Application form here:

Published May 13, 2020 1:45 PM

Dear MSc-candidate, spring 2020!

You're about to finish the master programme in Geosciences / CS:Geoscience, and we got some vital information for you.

Thesis submission

The submission deadlines for most of you are between 15 May and 1 September. And some are submitting later on. If you wish to submit earlier (more than 2-3 days) than your given deadline, you need to notify us!...