Programme structure

The European Master in Health Economics and Management is a full time programme. Learning activities are organised according to the following plan for 120 credits in total.

4th semester EMHEM5500 – Thesis Work
3rd semester Specialisation
2nd semester Specialisation
1st semester

Institute of Economics, University of Bologna

  5 credits 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits 5 credits

The 1st semester is aimed at acquiring fundamentals of economics, management, law, policy sciences and research methods relevant to the healthcare sector. All fundamental courses need to be passed (or exemption received) in order to start 2nd semester courses. 

2nd and 3rd semesters are devoted to the development of advanced and specialised skills on current issues in the healthcare sector. You choose your specialisation during the 1st semester. This is done in the end of October. You are invited to an information session, in which all the specialisations are presented, prior to your decision.

You can gain specialisation by an internship in prominent organisations and by the possibility of spending up to two semesters in a partner university. Agreements allow you to access teaching activities, earn credits from graduate programs, and achieve a joint degree with the following academic partners:

  • Management Center Innsbruck
  • Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Institute of Economics, University of Bologna

From autumn 2021 there are four different specialisations to choose from:

Under is an an overview of the discontinued specialisations.

The 4th semester is dedicated to the preparation of the master thesis. If you want to write your master thesis in Oslo, you need to submit a research proposal no later than 15th of November in the 3rd semester.

For an overview of each university's specialisations, please visit the Eu-HEM programme's home page.

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