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The master’s thesis is a research report written at the end of the master's degree in Health Economics, Policy and Management. The master’s thesis must satisfy academic standards for publications. The thesis must include a clearly specified research objective. The thesis must provide arguments for the choice of methods used to meet the research objective.The thesis topic must be related to one of the subjects covered by Eu-HEM specialization and its chosen track.

There are two possible alternatives:

1 – “standard/monograph” thesis of approximately 20.000 words (50-60 pages), including notes, tables and attachments,
2 – a research paper “ready for submission” + annexes and an extensive introduction. The paper should have approximately 6000 words (17-20 pages) excluding annexes and references.

Accurate referencing and a bibliography are important elements of the thesis. Students should adopt a standard citation system (e.g. Harvard, Vancouver, etc.) and bibliography format.

Learning outcome

The learning goals of the Eu-HEM Master Thesis and the final exam are:

- To explore an area of health economics and/or health management in depth, to synthesize the main theories and models, and to discuss their applicability.

- To perform scientific research on a topic approved by the study program individually and to report the study and its conclusions in a clear way.

- To make an appropriate use of all the relevant knowledge and skills acquired in the study program, and not only of the specific topic covered by the thesis.

- To acquire and demonstrate skills in scientific writing.


Students must submit their thesis proposal by January 15th. In case revisions are required, the deadline for resubmission is February 5th. The thesis proposal must be approved before admission to EMHEM5500.

This course is only offered to students at the master's programme in European Master in Health Economics and Management (Eu-HEM).


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Students must have completed, at least, a total of 60 ECTS in the Eu-HEM degree, including the 30 ECTS of the first semester before their proposal can be considered.
All other courses in the Eu-HEM degree, a total of 90 ECTS, have to be completed (or completed in the same semester) by the time the thesis is submitted.



The writing of the master’s thesis is assisted by individual supervision. Students must submit a thesis proposal to have a supervisor appointed. Students have the option to suggest a supervisor. Students should be encouraged to think of their thesis topics fairly early, prepare their proposal upon consultation with the relevant Track Committee, and meet the potential supervisor well in advance prior to the proposal submission. Students may choose to major in a topic related to teaching activity belonging to their chosen track. The Eu-HEM Track Committees provide an overview of relevant topics per track. All Eu-HEM Track Committees create a database of thesis topics, indicating potential supervisors and the relevant location for thesis defence.
The student submits the Thesis proposal to the Track Committee (TC) or to the administrative person delegated the responsibility to collect the proposals, depending on local provisions. The Eu-HEM Track Committees are responsible for appointing students a supervisor.

Preparations for data collection

When working on your master thesis proposal you must notify the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) about your project. Please see the Notification form for the Data Protection Official for Research.
After been appointed a supervisor, you and your supervisor must evaluate whether you need to send an application to the Regional Commitee for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK).


• Thesis. The deadlines for submitting a thesis are June 30th at 12 p.m. (noon). If students miss the submission deadline or do not pass the thesis, they will have to extend their Eu-HEM registration and pay an additional fee, and submit their thesis by November 15th. If a deadline falls on a weekend or public holiday, the deadline will be advanced to the first preceding working day.

The thesis must be submitted in Studentweb.

• Oral exam, after the thesis is approved.



Universitetsstyret har vedtatt at det skal innføres sensorveiledninger på alle eksamener. Fakultetene skal beskrive sensuropplegget sitt slik at dette framstår klart og transparent for studentene og sikrer samsvar mellom læringsutbytte, oppgaver og karakteren som gis. Det er utarbeidet en samleside med informasjon om eksamen og sensur ved fakultetet som skal ivareta dette.

Language of examination

The master thesis must be written in English.







Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

The oral examination may adjust the thesis grade .

Explanations and appeals


The course is subject to continuous evaluation. At regular intervals we also ask students to participate in a more comprehensive evaluation.

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