Career interviews

For Inês, the master programe in Higher Education was an excellent academic opportunity and at the same time made her dream come true: studying in different countries and making friends from all continents.

Writing a Master’s thesis was a wonderful learning journey which basically became a profound asset for my current PhD writings.

The more higher education experts there are, the better the field will be represented and the more understanding there will be for future policies. This program will give you the knowledge you need to do this.  

For Jelena, the Master in Higher Education program was an excellent starting point for her career.

Iyad Abualrub is a  PhD research fellow at the Department of Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Oslo. He received his  MPhil degree in Higher Education from the same department in 2009. After finishing his MPhil degree in Higher Education at UiO, he worked as a consultant in external relations and academic cooperation at the President’s office of Birzeit University. He has  also worked as assistant researcher with a UK charity, the Qattan Foundation, at its center for educational research and development (QCERD).