Learning outcomes

The programme aims to educate candidates with a solid basis for analysing and critically assessing change processes at all relevant levels in higher education, and for understanding the management dimension in these processes. The programme has a special emphasis on change processes related to quality development in higher education. This implies, amongst other things, that the relationship between institutional approaches concerning areas such as funding, ICT, human resources development, and student support, as well as quality development will be discussed from a number of perspectives.

Learning outcomes

Upon completing the programme, the students should be able to:


  •  demonstrate understanding of the basic nature of higher education and research, its institutions, systems, programmes and curricula
  •  analyse and describe how changes in policies, functions and operations of higher education are related
  •  analyse and explain the role of management in higher education change processes
  •  demonstrate understanding of the nature of quality development in higher education change processes


  • demonstrate a capacity to make an individual contribution to the knowledge on higher education through their thesis related research
  • apply the main concepts, theories, and disciplinary perspectives used in the field of higher education research to the practice of higher education
  • master academic writing


  • document analytical competencies in various areas of higher education research
  • communicate and discuss research-based knowledge with Higher Education professionals and lay people
  • initiate and contribute in constructive and critical ways to change processes and developmental work in HE
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