Quality assurance

The Faculty of Educational Sciences aims at offering innovative and relevant education providing easy access to the best teaching and learning methods available, in addition to state of the art technical facilities. Given the scientific orientation of the master programme in higher education, there is a tight link between teaching and research activities. A major goal is to expose students with the latest available knowledge on higher education by, amongst other aspects, recurring to teachers who are themselves actively involved in the production of new knowledge (research) as well as by regularly inviting external actors (policy makers, managers, etc.) at both the national and supranational levels to share their insights and experiences.

Student feedback is an important component of the programme. Over the years, the programme has evolved into its current structure as a result of students’ insights and daily experiences. The study programme is regularly evaluated as to ensure, and further enhance, the overall quality of the learning experience for all students. The master programme in higher education ranks amongst the most innovative in its field. During 2009 and 2010, it received major educational awards by the Faculty of Educational Sciences (‘annual teaching award’) and the board of the University of Oslo (‘best learning environment’).

The Faculty of Education Sciences has in place a set of formalised procedures, namely:

  • Each year, the programme management commitee conducts an internal review to assess whether the objectives of the programme have been met. The external programme supervisor monitors the examinations and assessments.
  • Every fourth year, the faculty conducts a more thorough evaluation of the master programme. External representatives take part in the evaluation panel.
  • Individual study courses and modules in the programme are evaluated on a regular basis, according to a pre-defined schedule.

For further details on quality assurance procedures at the university level are available on the following web page

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