Programme structure

This is a full-time continuous two-year programme which consists of: 

  • a series of compulsory courses (80 credits)
  • a master's thesis (40 credits)

The programme covers a broad range of topics within the field of special needs education. The series of courses and the thesis are described in more detail in the individual course presentations.

4. semester

SNE4390 – Master's Thesis

3. semester

SNE4231 – Research Methodology

SNE4390 – Master's Thesis

2. semester

SNE4200 – Education for Learners with Special Needs

SNE4310 - Counselling and Innovation

1. semester

SNE4110 – Education for All

SNE4130 – Historical and Sociocultural Perspectives on Learning and Development

SNE4120 – Towards Inclusive Education



10 ECTS credits

10 ECTS credits

10 ECTS credits


Diploma and degree

This programme leads to the following degree: Master of Philosophy in Special Needs Education

The diploma is issued when you have completed the courses that meet the requirements for a degree. Read more about diplomas.

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