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In most cases where you need confirmation/verification, you can use your digital student ID or paper semester receipt, Diploma Registry, transcripts, diplomas or decision letter.

You already have confirmation/verification of the following:

  • That you are a student - the semester receipt confirms that you are a student this semester and that you have paid the semester fee.
  • Start and end of the semester - you will find the academic calendar on our website.
  • Leave of absence - this is confirmed in your decision letter.
  • The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund will automatically be notified that you are registered as a student and which examinations you have taken.
  • From the Diploma Registry you can digitally share your results (subject, semester, credits and grades) with others. If you need the results on paper, you can order a transcript.
  • Degree - if you have received a diploma, you have confirmation of your degree.

Student ticket discounts at Ruter

If you want to buy a student ticket at Ruter, you can show the student ID app. When you have paid the semester fee and registered as a student for the current semester, the app will show a yellow box at the bottom of the display with the text "Valid semester receipt".

When can you ask for confirmation/verification? 

  • If authorities in Norway (e.g. NAV or Helsedirektoratet) or in your home country require additional documentation of your student status.
  • If you need to postpone military service. Confirmation can be sent to your conscription office together with your application.
  • Your faculty decides whether or not they can provide confirmation.

Order confirmation/verification

Order confirmation(online-form)

Other confirmation/verification needs


Please contact the Student Information Centre at your faculty.


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