Course registration for exchange students

Exchange students can register for courses online before arrival in Oslo. The online course registration in Studentweb for Autumn 2022 opens on 1 June.

See list of courses offered in English for course descriptions.

The course descriptions give detailed information about each course, course content, when the course is taught etc. The list of courses is updated for the coming semester with details about time and place for lectures, reading lists etc. about one week before the course registration opens each semester.

For information about teaching (digital and/or in-person), the exact dates for when your courses will begin and end (exam dates), etc., please see the online course description.

You must register for the semester in Studentweb even if you do not intend to take any courses.

Semester fee

Incoming ERASMUS, Nordplus/Nordlys and most bilateral exchange students do not have to pay the fee (they will be automatically registered with an exemption based on the agreement they are nominated on).

Questions about courses or Learning Agreements

For questions regarding courses, course selection process, or contact info to register in the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement (contact details, responsible person, etc.), please contact the faculty you have been admitted to

Erasmus+ students must contact their faculty to have their Learning Agreement signed.

If you have further questions, please contact your Faculty information centre.

Registration for Norwegian courses

Exchange students also register for Norwegian language courses in Studentweb.

If you have questions or problems, please contact the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies.

Final deadlines for course registration

  • Autumn semester: 1 September
  • Spring semester: 1 February

Some faculties and departments have intermediate deadlines (after which Studentweb is closed before opening again). For further information, please see course registration deadlines.

Log in to Studentweb

To register for courses you must log in to Studentweb with your UiO username and password. Admitted exchange students will receive the UiO username and instructions on how to set up your user account  by SMS by the end of May/November (for autumn and spring respectively). 

Problems when registering for courses?

If you cannot find or register for the intended courses in Studentweb, please contact your faculty information center for assistance. 

Address in Norway

If you do not have a Norwegian address by the time you register online, you can use this address in the address field:

  • c/o University of Oslo, International Student Reception,
    PO Box 1083 Blindern, N-0318 Oslo


Published June 22, 2015 2:39 PM - Last modified June 9, 2022 6:28 PM