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Changing your seminar group

You can change seminar groups yourself in Studentweb. If this is not successful, you may in some cases apply for a change.

How to change your seminar group in Studentweb

  • Log on to Studentweb, go to “Register” and “Register for classes and examinations”.
  • Click the pencil next to the course in question.
  • Use the drop down menu to see if there are any available seminar groups.
  • Choose the available seminar group to which you would like to change.
  • Save and go to “Your status” and “Class info” to verify that the group number is changed.

Faculties with separate routines

Faculty of Humanities

Applications are dealt with as they arrive. You will receive a reply by e-mail.

Faculty of Law

  • You apply for a seminar group change by sending an e-mail to or by delivering an application at the Information Centre.
  • You must attach relevant documentation to the application.
  • You can bring the original documentation to the Information Centre and make a certified copy.

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Contact your department if you need to change your group

Faculty of Social Sciences

How to change seminar groups for bachelor students at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Theology

You apply for a seminar group change by sending an e-mail to


Contact your faculty information centre.


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