Matters of health


All ISS students must have health insurance in order to attend ISS.

Sore throats and colds are common due to change of climate and  aches and pains are normal due to unusual/excess physical activity. Whereas in some cultures one would visit a doctor, this is normally not the case in Norway. These conditions are rarely serious and can be alleviated by non-prescription medication and sufficient rest.

When you need to see a doctor

On-campus students

  • Students who stay at Blindern Dormitory or who live in Oslo only while the ISS is in session should consult the Residential Managers at Blindern Dormitory 
  • Residential Managers provide first aid and non-prescription medication (antiseptic lotion, band aids, painkillers, etc.).
  • If medical attention is required, they will make appointments at the Student Health Center, located at Blindern or at the Emergency Health Center downtown.
  • Students must bring their ISS ID-card to their appointment. 

Off-campus students

  • Students who live in Oslo the year round should continue to seek health care through regular channels, i.e. your general practitioner (fastlege) and/or Legevakten.
  • Students who live in Oslo, but have a general practitioner elsewhere in Norway should first consult with the Residential Managers at Blindern Dormitory.

Prescription medicine

  • If you take prescription medicine, bring enough to last the duration of your stay.
  • It is not possible to have medicine sent to Norway without special permission.
  • Nor is it possible to buy such medications at a pharmacy without having been to see a doctor first.

Special needs?

UiO offers limited assistance to students with special needs.

In case of emergency

  • Contact an ISS teacher or staff member. Allow them to assess the situation and follow their instructions.
  • Otherwise, stay calm and call for help:
    • Ambulance 113
    • Police 112
    • Fire 110
    • UiO Campus Security 22 85 50 07
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