Staying in Norway


  • Norway has a mild summer climate. In Oslo, the average temperatures range from 11C to 22C (50F to 70F) during the summer. You can expect rainy days, cool nights and warm afternoons. 
  • We recommend that you bring a warm sweater, a windbreaker, an umbrella, sturdy shoes for hiking and long walks, in addition to regular summer clothing. A party dress or a suit for formal events is needed.
  • If you plan to participate in any of our trips to central Norway (Jotunheimen) or any hiking trips, read how to pack and dress


  • The electrical current in Norway is 230V at 50Hz with a typical two-pin European plug. Electronics with a C, E or F type of plug ("Schuko") will also work here.
  • Appliances made for 220 - 240V will function here. Most electronics from Europe, Africa and Asia will function with just an adapter.

Electronics made for North and South America and the Caribbean

  • If you bring electronics made for North and South America and the Caribbean, check to see if the product has a built-in converter or you will need a transformer. Transformers in Norway are expensive and, if needed, we recommend that you purchase one before you depart.
  • Carefully read the specifications on the electronics and appliances, for example your laptop or hair dryer, that you plan to bring with you. Some modern electronics have power supplies that can convert the different electrical currents.

Mobile (Cell phone) Communication

  • SIM cards with pre-paid calling time are readily available. Mobile networks are mainly 900/1800 MHz GSM.
  • Depending on the carrier and your service plan, other networks such as 900/ 2100 MHz UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA and 1800/ 2600 MHz LTE are available for your smartphone. Read the specifications for your mobile phone to find out if it is compatible.

Check if you must "unlock" your phone

If you have a contract with your service provider, check to see if you can use another SIM card in your phone. Typically, a SIM card is “locked” to one phone and you must “unlock” your phone before using another card. Most companies will allow you to unlock your phone after the contract has expired.

Access at home or at campus

Read more about connecting to UiO network and computer facilities.

Facts about Norway

Geography, economy and standard of living, language, government and society. See facts about Norway.

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