Public transportation

Oslo offers convenient public transportation, and short distances make it easy to get around by walking or biking.

Getting around Oslo

Using public transportation

All passes and tickets can be purchased at 7-11 stores, Narvesen, Mix, Deli de Luca, etc., and the Ruter App. 

NOTE! Unfortunately, ISS students are not eligible for a student discount and must buy ordinary tickets. 

You can download maps from or plan your trip with their interactive service. If you plan to travel outside the city limits, you should check the zone and the price before you board.

To ride the Metro (T-bane), you must purchase and validate your ticket before boarding. You will be fined from NOK 750 to NOK 900 for not having a valid ticket!

Rent a city bike

City bikes are primarily used for short rides and as a supplement to public transport. Read more on the city bike web page

Getting to UiO

UiO offers these directions to help you find your way.

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