SPARK Social Innovation Educational Forum: Data management when moving from research to innovation

SPARK Social Innovation Educational Forum are open monthly meetings for project teams, partners, and everyone interested in how universities and academics engage with social innovation.

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Good data management planning can increase possibilities for future work with social innovation. Current data management policies (UiO, Research Council of Norway, EU) provide requirements about data organization, metadata and documentation, data classification and storage, sharing and archiving research data, copyright and licensing and data discovery and reuse. 

Who is responsible for taking care of the data during and after the project, and what resources are needed? How do you ensure that the data is well organized and adequately documented (metadata)? How much volume and what type of data set will be generated/used? How do you ensure that the data is treated correctly ethically and legally? Where will data be stored and backed up during the project's lifetime?  How do you preserve and make available the data to others in the long run? 

Recording and presentations from the seminar:


Bildet kan inneholde: person, panne, hake, frisyre, øyenbryn.Matthew Good. Matthew Good is a Senior Academic Librarian at the University Library at UiO. He works with Digital Scholarship, Open Science - Open Data and research data management, Digital skills and research methods and Research support. He has a PhD in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from UiO, a master's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from UiO and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta. 



Bildet kan inneholde: person, panne, nese, ansikt, kinn.Agata Bochynska. Agata Bochynska is a senior Academic Librarian at the University Library at UiO. She works with research data management and data sharing, digital research skills and methods, and teaching and implementing open science practices. She has a PhD in language and linguistics from NTNU, a master's degree in psychology from UiO and a MA in philosophy and BA (equivalent) in psychology from the University of Warsaw. 



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