Code of Conduct contact guide

The director of RITMO is responsible for actively following up RITMO staff and the Code of Conduct. You may also contact the other members of RITMO's management

If your issue is more related to your home department, you may want to contact the management there instead

The management of the Departments of Psychology, Informatics, and Musicology

For PhDs and Postdocs at RITMO, there are several contact points

Contact the safety representatives when you have questions or are concerned about the safety, health and welfare of members of staff

The trade unions safeguard their members’ interests and ensure employee participation at the workplace

UiO's Occupational Health Service Unit (OHSU) assists in creating safe, health-promoting workplaces, and can be contacted when you have questions about ergonomics in the workplace, substance abuse, stress etc.

If you discover censurable conditions or behaviour that may be detrimental to UiO or to individual persons at UiO, please report it through our channels