RITPART Workshop: Rhythm Rising

This international workshop aims to investigate rhythm as an emergent modality for organizing personal and inter-personal enactment of goal-oriented coordinated actions.

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About the workshop

In line with our collective interests, we will focus on the case of spontaneous rhythmic behaviors in the context of engaging with designed activities bearing potential mathematical meanings. The workshop will gather a group of international experts with complementary theoretical and methodological expertise vital to modeling the emergence of rhythmicality as a resource for enacting social practice. We envision learning from each other in an informal, dialogical, and exploratory setting.

Schedule (draft)

  Introduction day Experiment day Analysis day Hovedøya day Wrap-up day
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00- 12:00
  • Introduction to RITMO and the workshop
  • 1-min/1-slide presentations
  • Multimodal learning analytics (Tancredi & Chen)
  • Multimodal data collection (Bishop & Jensenius)
  • Multimodal data analysis (Upham)
  • Nonlinear analysis strategies (Palmer)

Build and move in large geometric constructions (Palatnik)

Closing Discussion: Moving Forward
12:15- 13:00 Food & paper: Dor Abrahamson Food & paper: Ramesh Balasubramaniam Food & paper: Anna Zamm  
13:15- 14:00
14:00- 17:00 Lab equipment demonstrations Multi-method experiment Data jockeying Felkenkrais method activity (Shulman)


RITMO people

  • Anna-Maria Christodoulou (intern)
  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius (professor)
  • Alexander Szorkovsky (postdoc)
  • Atilla Vrasdonk (PhD fellow)
  • Benedikte Wallace (PhD fellow)
  • Dana Swarbrick (PhD fellow)
  • Finn Upham (postdoc)
  • Hugh von Arnim (research assistant)
  • Joachim Poutaraud (research assistant)
  • Kayla Burnim (lab engineer)
  • Laura Bishop (postdoc)
  • Michael Krzyzaniak (postdoc)
  • Mikael Hope (research assistant)
  • Pedro Lucas Bravo (research assistant)
  • Rahul Agrawal (lab engineer)
  • Rolf Inge Godøy (professor)
  • Sebastian Fongen Langslet (research assistant)
  • Tor Endestad (associate professor)


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