Semesterside for FYS3510 - Vår 2010

Given the successful 3/4-days CERN visit and the large amount of material collected, the lecture on Monday 12. April is cancelled. Please go through the material you can find on the agenda page I propose that all students meet such that people not present at CERN could get some input.

11. apr. 2010 03:42

The first series of obligatory exercises is uploaded: Deadline for delivery is March 8th.

Larissa Bravina takes over the lectures for a few weeks. She will start with Chapter 2 on Monday February 22nd.

18. feb. 2010 16:57

The first lecture will be held on Tuesday 19th January. So, no lecture on Monday 18th January. Students are asked to get the "pensum" book, see link on the course web page or follow the link:

15. jan. 2010 16:59