Semesterside for FYS3510 - Vår 2012

Today is our last lecture. The 2nd project will be given back ti the students with comments.

This last lecture will feature: High energy heavy ions in addition to some last points in Outstanding Questions.

The lecture Web site has been updated. All material should now be in place.

Given that I will be traveling the whole of next week and part of the following week, feel free to contact me via email for any questions related to the lectures and the exam. I will also be at UiO Friday June 1.

29. mai 2012 12:39

The 2nd and last obligatory project to be delivered by Monday 21.5.2012 can be found here

10. mai 2012 18:01

REMINDER: We would appreciate if you could answer the survey concerning the FYS3510 course with the aim to improve it in the future. Deadline is 20 May 2012. Link:

Thank you very much.

9. mai 2012 14:11