Semesterside for INF-GEO4310 - Høst 2013

You are expected to go through the mandatory assignment thoroughly and your performance should be better than the average.
Post submission it will be possible for you to collect the evaluated assignment on 25th November with feedback on what must be improved, if any. If your performance isn't found to be satisfactory as stated above, you will be asked to resubmit the assignment by 2nd December.
7. nov. 2013 14:29

Since the lecture scheduled for 4th November has been moved to 11th November and that particular lecture is important for you to solve the problems of the mandatory assignment correctly, I am hereby extending the deadline of submitting the assignment from 12th November to 19th November, (5 PM).

Also make sure to send the answers in one pdf document and name your pdf document as lastname_firstname_assignment_INFGEO4310.

Example: pandey_vikash_assignment_INFGEO4310


30. okt. 2013 13:58

The mandatory assignment for the course has been published. The deadline for submission is 19-Nov-2013.

11. okt. 2013 15:24