Publisert 10. jan. 2019 21:29
Exam 2018 for INF4130/9135 including proposed solutions can be found in the right column of the course page.
Publisert 1. des. 2018 18:34

Answers to exam 2017 can be found in the entry for November 29, in the "Timeplan 2018".

Publisert 29. nov. 2018 00:37

The room for the November 29 session is Perl (2453)

Publisert 13. nov. 2018 21:11

The full curriculum list can be found by clicking "Pensum/læringskrav" above.

Publisert 13. nov. 2018 15:49

November 20. will be a group session as normal, however as there are no new excercises i will probably go through some subjects in plenary, perhaps undecidebility and NP-completeness, for example. If there are other subjects people would like me to go through, please send me a mail, or tell me on thursday 15.

-Mikael Nielsen Røykenes

Publisert 13. nov. 2018 14:31

There will be a session at November 29, at 10:15, with Petter K., Sigurd K. and Stein K., in room Perl (2453).  We will look at the exam for 2017 and answer questions.  The exam for 2017 can be found here.

Publisert 12. nov. 2018 15:51

This will not be a regular lecture, but I will rather be there to answer questions, and maybe go through an exam, though i haven't decided which yet.

Mikael Nielsen Røykenes

Publisert 9. nov. 2018 14:19

There will be no lecture 15. november. Instead I will be there to go through the 2016 exam and give suggested solutions, as well as answering general questions.

-Mikael Nielsen Røykenes

Publisert 6. nov. 2018 15:36

1. The exam will appear in English only, but you can answer in Norwegian or English as you want

2. Permitted materials on the exam are: All written and printed

Publisert 3. nov. 2018 17:28

Mandatory Assignment 3 now appears in the Oblig folder, together with some testdata. A Java-program for generating test board of different sizes and difficulties (GenBoardProgram) also appears here, and a description of how to use it occurs at the start of the program.The deadline is Monday November 19.

Publisert 2. nov. 2018 15:09

Next week there will be a lecture on triangulation and convex hull.

This will be the last lecture introducing new curriculum.

Take a look at the schedule to view the plan for the rest of the semester.

Publisert 31. okt. 2018 23:33

All the needed chapters from the textbook can now be found by clicking at "pensum/læringskrav" above.  A detailed description of the curriculum for 2018 will appear soon.

Publisert 16. okt. 2018 18:13

What looked as exercise 2.a was erroneously formatted so that it seemed to be the first question of four in Exercise 2. However, that paragraph was in fact meant as the last one of the introduction, and this is now corrected. The three intended questions are now numbered 1), 2) and 3).  You may also refer to them as 2.b), 2.c) and 2.d).

Publisert 15. okt. 2018 00:42

Some test-data for Mandatory Assignment 2, Exercise 1, can now be found under "oblig" at the left side of the course page. The files can be found in a subfolder found in the menu to the left.

Publisert 12. okt. 2018 12:12

Mandatory Assignment 2 has now appeared in the Oblig folder, together with a program for Leftist Heaps. The deadline is Monday October 29. (Another date was erroneously announced for a short period on October 12).

Testdata for Exercise 1 will appear soon.

Publisert 28. sep. 2018 14:15

In question 1.c you are asked to solve a problem with space "O(n)".  This is a misprint, and it should be "O(K)".

Publisert 26. sep. 2018 14:42

The deadline for Mandatory Assignment 1 (Oblig-1) is moved to Thursday October 4.

Publisert 18. sep. 2018 09:44

Some test-data for Oblig 1 is added to the oblig page

Publisert 13. sep. 2018 22:42


Oblig 1 can be found here. The deadline is October 4 (changed from October 1).

Exercises for September 18. and 20.

Publisert 3. sep. 2018 18:01

Piazza lets you ask and answer questions related to the course. The teaching assistants and lecturers will also be able to answer questions and the answers and questions will be public. 

Registration link here

Publisert 8. aug. 2018 22:52

Første forelesning er torsdag 30. august, i auditorium Smalltalk. Mye av stoffet til denne første forelesningen er tatt fra Kompendium til IN210.

Merk at gruppetimene som er satt opp 28. og 30. august utgår! Gruppe 2 blir bare holdt de første ukene, og siste gang 4/10.

Læreboka er som i fjor: Berman & Paul: "Algorithms: Sequential, Parallel...

Publisert 6. mai 2018 18:21

Gruppe 2 blir kun gitt de første ukene av semesteret. Gruppe 1 går hele semesteret.