Semesterside for MAT3100 - Vår 2022


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Due to the fire in the toilet in VB, that building will be closed from 1430 today, and stay closed until next week. This means that today's and tomorrow's lectures will be digital only.


27. jan. 2022 13:42

Some of you asked me about a zoomlink to the group today 0815-1000. Today this group was physically only and not on zoom. My plan was to use the group tuesdays for one-one questions to the teacher, and not for solving the exercises in its entirety on the blackboard - this is something I will do every thursday anyway. 

You don't have to be in the group at 0815 - you can come by and ask questions any time before 1000. If still many of you would like a possibility for zoom on the groups tuesdays, please send me an email. If many of you do so, we will set up zoom for the groups on tuesdays as well. We will then see how the one-one format works when people are both on zoom and in the auditorium.

If we use zoom for next week's group, I will announce it here, and we will use the same zoomlink as for the lectures.


25. jan. 2022 10:25

I will broadcast the lectures on zoom, starting tomorrow, from the auditorium. This means that you can choose whether to follow the lectures on zoom, or meet up in the auditorium. There is a limit of 30 participants in the auditorium. So, if some of you participate digitally only, there should be room for the rest you in the auditorium  (since more than 30 who have said they will take the course).

The zoomlink for the lectures can be found on the course webpage here.


19. jan. 2022 09:06