Semesterside for MAT4240 - Vår 2022

will follow the notes (in Norwegian) by Jørgen Rennemo (JR) from last year.   The correspondence to Silvermans (SI) book  and the plan for my lectures this spring is as follows:

JR ch 2 = SI ch I = 1. lecture this spring

JR ch 3 = SI ch II = 2. lecture this spring

JR ch 4 = SI ch III = 3. and 4. lecture this spring

JR ch 5 = SI ch III = 5. and 6. lecture this spring

JR ch 6 = SI ch V = 7. and 8. lecture this spring

JR ch 7 = SI ch VI = 9. and 10.  lecture this spring




23. feb. 2022 16:34

As promised, lectures 2 hours a week  will start next week:

Wednesday Feb 23.  1415-16 in NHA 1120,  and will  continue the rest of the semester at this time.



Kristian R


14. feb. 2022 13:15

Silverman:  The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves  GTM 106, Springer.

Chp: 1,2,3,5,6.

There is some overlap with MAT 4210;  in particular in ch 1-4, 7,9 in the notes of that course.

17. jan. 2022 15:29

This semester, this is a reading course, without normal schedule of lectures.  Since there is overlap, students are encouraged to follow the lectures in MAT 4210 from the start of the semester.

I offer 2x45 min lectures a week, starting the week of Feb. 21.-25., and suggest that we meet  Monday 14. February at  kl 11 (in the break of the lectures in MAT 4210) to schedule time and place.

That  should also  be a good time to organize a student study group to supplement the lectures.


Kristian R

17. jan. 2022 14:03