Semesterside for STK3405 - Høst 2019

Unfortunately, I have to cancel today's lecture on Sections 8.1-8.2 because I'm sick.

My lecture notes are available here. Please read them yourselves to prepare for Arne's lecture on Friday where he will talk about Sections 8.3-8.4 and present Eventcue.


29. okt. 2019 07:00

... is available in Norwegian and English. You have two weeks to complete the assignment, and you hand it in via Canvas (, log in using our UiO user name and password).

The deadline is Thursday November 7th at 14.30.

Good luck!

24. okt. 2019 11:04

There is a small typo in the final exponent in Exercise 2d of the mandatory assignment. In the previously posted version of the assignment, the exponent was \lambda L, the correct expression is - \lambda L. This has now been corrected, and a new version of the assignment is posted here: English and Norwegian. The typo has consequences for exercise 2e as well. 

We apologise for the error, and will take this into account when correcting the assignments.

2. okt. 2019 12:58

To be clear: There is no typo in Example 5.2.6. The expression for the partial derivative follows from the definition of the coproduct.

27. sep. 2019 15:11