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The course is a continuation of MAT4340 – Elementary functional analysis (discontinued). Functional analysis is now developed in a broader perspective by using concepts from topology and measure- and integration-theory. Central themes are Banach spaces and their dual spaces, the fundamental theorems(e.g. the Hahn-Banach theroem, the open mapping theorem, the closed graph theorem, the Banach-Steinhaus theorem, Alaoglu's theorem), the Gelfand theory for commutative Banach algebras and commutative C*-algebras with applications to spectral theory. An introduction to the theory of unbounded operators on Hilbert spaces is also given.

Learning outcome

The course combines in an exciting way ideas and methods from different areas of mathematics. It is designed especially for students who want to choose operator algebras as their speciality, but the content of the course will also be useful to all students interested in other branches of analysis.


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Spring 2011

Spring 2009

Spring. Taught according to demand and resourses.


Spring 2011

Spring 2009

Spring. Taught according to demand and resourses.

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