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Legitimate absence from mandatory tuition

For mandatory tuition of which the students are required to attend all sessions/tuition days (no absence allowed), special arrangements can be made to compensate for tuition lost due to legitimate absence.

The following are considered reasons for legitimate absence:

  • The student falls ill before the tuition starts (must be documented by a medical certificate)
  • The student falls ill during the tuition session (the student must contact a doctor immediately to obtain a medical certificate)
  • Other exceptional cases, for example death of close family members

The medical certificate must be handed in or postmarked no later than three days after the time of the tuition.

In connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, UiO accepts self-notification in the absence. Self-notification can be sent to:

postmottak@medisin.uio.no eller til:

Det medisinske fakultet, Studieseksjonen, Postboks 1078 Blindern, 0316 Oslo

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