Special teaching arrangements

The studies are considered to be the main occupation. Matters related to work, research, financial situation or place of residence are not valid grounds for granting special tuition arrangements.

Students who are parents of children up to 10 years may apply for special tuition arrangements. Pursuant to Section 12 of the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act, students with impairments may also apply for special tuition arrangements.

Upon application, the Section for Student Affairs may grant special tuition arrangements.

For more information, see the course description for the course for which you are applying for special tuition arrangements.

Application deadline

Special teaching arrangements are only granted for whole modules and not for parts of the modules. The application with attached documentation must therefore be submitted by 1 May for modules starting in the autumn semester and by 1 November for modules starting in the spring semester.

If documentation has been submitted for previous applications and a new request is submitted on the same grounds, documentation need not be re-submitted. An example of such documentation could be a child’s birth certificate.

If emergencies or unforeseen events occur and cause a student to need special facilitation after the expiry of the application deadline, but before the location for the clinical practice placement has been selected, the Dean of Studies may allocate an early selection number upon application.


Students of medicine and nutrition submit their application to The Faculty of Medicine,          PO Box 1078 Blindern, 0316 Oslo.

Students of dentistry submit their application to The Faculty of Dentistry, PO Box 1142 Blindern, 0317 Oslo.

Contact person

Questions pertaining to special arrangements must be addressed to:

Elvira Kostanda



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