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Bicycle parking

The UiO has excellent facilities for anyone cycling to work, including those who have their own bicycles and park them in one of our 3,000 bicycle racks, or those who opt for a city bike.

Mange ledige sykkelstativer på Blindern.
Lots of bike racks available at Blindern.

You will find bike racks everywhere at the UiO. At Blindern there are bike racks outside each entrance – able to accommodate a total of almost 2,000 bikes. Please do not park your bicycle in a way that blocks the footpaths or entrances, or gets in the way of general traffic. Bicycles are parked at your own risk, both inside and outside.

Please be considerate to pedestrians when cycling on the footpaths. There are a lot of pedestrians and it might be advisable to push your bike.

Locked bicycle parking under cover:

Dør til sykkelstall
Locked bicycle parking under cover.

Please note that long-term bicycle parking is not permitted.

Bicycles parked in the wrong place

For cleaning and general access purposes and to prevent emergency exits from being blocked, bikes are not permitted inside the buildings. These bikes will be removed. Any bikes which have been abandoned or are broken will also be removed.

These bikes, and the locks that have been provided with them, will be placed in the nearest bike rack or handed over to Landscape Services, who will keep them for three months. Please contact the Property Department if you have any questions.

Motorbikes and mopeds

The UiO encourages the parking of mopeds and motorbikes in the designated parking spots. There are 12 such designated spots available between the Physics Building and Helga Engs House. Parking is not permitted on the grass.

Free bicycle washing machine and service point

There is a bicycle washing machine in the basement of Niels Henrik Abels hus. This can be used free of charge by students and staff. Access with card and code.

You will also find a bicycle service point on Studenttorget in front of Helga Engs hus. Here you can pump up the tires and fix small items on your bike by means of two bicycle tools that are attached to a steel wire that can be pulled out.

City bikes

Oslo Bysykkel is available at many spots at the University of Oslo.

Environment and Climate Strategy

Dartskive og pilIn line with the Environment and Climate Strategy (Norwegian) which applies to the UiO’s property activities, the Property Department is in the process of developing a locked bicycle parking service for employees and students. This strategy has two clear objectives for 2020:

  • Working to ensure that more people either walk or cycle to UiO - or travel by public transport.
  • Facilitating the use of emission-free vehicles for employees and students.
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