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Parking regulations

Campus parking is regulated in accordance with the standard terms of private parking enforcement.

Parking is only permitted in marked parking spaces. It is not permitted to park inside the area delimited by the campus barriers. The following regulations apply from 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday.

Illegal parking

Owners of cars parked illegally will receive fines according to national regulations:

  • Illegal parking on visitor parking spaces or lacking payment on metered parking spaces: NOK 300
  • Lacking, expired or inaccurate parking permit: NOK 600
  • Parking on parking spaces reserved for the physically disabled: NOK 900
  • Parking for more than 48 consecutive hours in one place: NOK 600
  • Obstruction of traffic or emergency vehicles: impoundment

Complaints regarding fines

  • Complaints regarding fines for illegal parking are made at
  • Complaints must contain name, address, registration number of the vehicle and the fine reference number. Complaints must be received at the latest three weeks after the fine was issued.

Impounded cars

Questions about impounded cars must be directed to Apcoa Parking, tel. 22 05 75 00. (24/7).

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